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Grow Your Business, TNS is your Best Choice

Powering digital Malaysia freight forwarder with all-in-one system including online inquiry, booking, tracking and order management. Instant booking now, It takes your only 10 minutes to get the effective qoute with TNS LOG from the moment your placed the inquiry.


The most professional shipping booking agent in Malaysia

We take care of the shipping part of your business. So, you're free to focus on growing your company. Let us help you get ready to ship.


Take Your Air Freight Across The World Our Shipping Services

With shipping services from over 300 ports. We are here to connect your business globally, whether within the same continent or shipping to the other side of the world.


Cover your end-to-end logistics with Inland Transportation

Inland transportation is a key partner to ocean freight and with TNS transportation team, you get access to a range of quality intern modal services-whether truck, rail, or barge. Find the right continental and intercontinental transport mode for your cargo and let us handle the rest.


Efficient Customs Clearance Services powered by local experience

TNS custom clearance service facilities your freight assuring you an effortless and secure customs clearance process. Whether you are looking for import or export customs clearance.


Warehouse & Storage Facilities

We provide warehousing services, adequate storage for any items and delivery services throughout Peninsular Malaysia through our extensive and effective network to ensure that goods are safely secured and accounted for all times.


Established over the ten years, TNS LOG is formed as a Malaysia based freight forwarding agency.

TNS LOG is dedicated in providing the best end-to-end logistics solutions to our Malaysian and international clients. We provide sea and air freight, transportation, custom brokerage, warehousing and consolidation / deconsolidation services to add value to our customers’ operations. Our dedication to service excellence drives us to meet or even exceed all of our customers’ needs. In year 2017, we had been expanding our business into China and set up a branch located in Shenzhen.

 Top Service Quality

Servicing our customers in all over the world with a high level of operational readiness and customized door to door chemical logistics solutions will be the standard in our daily work.

Lower & Transparent Price

We experienced in all modes of transportation – road, rail, air and sea, able to book cargo with shipping line as per the requirement of the clients or under their own contract.

Get 24/7 Support from Logistics Experts

We able to provide cost effective and efficient cargo shipping solutions based on the customer’s requirement, 24/7 online support.

Professional Customer Service Team

We process all relevant shipping documents such as certificated of origin customs and port documentation, bill of loading and associated shipping / negotiating documentation.

Our Services

Sea Freight

Our sea freight reach to 160 locations worldwide ensures that we are able address your location needs in a truly global basis.

Air Freight

Air freight plays a vital role in the success of internasional business, and strive to provide clients with reliable and cost-efficient air freight option.

Inland Transportation

Our resources ensure that we always strive to meet customer's deadlines and to ensure safe delivery of customer's cargo to the desired destination.

Warehouse & Storage

We provide adequate storage for any items and also delivery services throughout Peninsular Malaysia through our extensive and effective network.

Custom Clearance

TNS custom clearance service facilitate your freight assuring you an effortless and secure customs clearance process.

Project Cargo


10 years of experience

We have more than 10 years of working experience in this industry, and have cooperation with large factories involved in the fields of chemicals, air conditioning accessories, glass products, food, gloves, etc., logistics transportation to the world, our professional knowledge has been recognized by many customers.

Simplifying Logistics

We only need 4 steps for your shipment to simplifying your shipment from Malaysia:

  • Instant Booking
  • Visible Tracking
  • Transparent Price
  • Efficient Management

Global Coverage with Local Experts

We are offering you a global network with local expertise, shipping to more than 300 ports in over 150 countries. Searching for relevant information regarding shipping goods to and from specific countries and areas?

Our Networks & Awards

Shipment Price

Select your destination country or input the discharge port

Select shipment time and route to get the estimate price

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Container Shipping Calculator

Estimate international container shipping costs from Malaysia to global ports.

Let us help you get ready to ship

The world of shipping can get a little overwhelming and a lot of information is going around. No need to search anymore – we provide you with some guidance to start shipping.

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