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We Provide Adequate Storage and Delivery Services

We provide warehousing services to meet our clients’ needs, including:

  1. Racking / free standing / dedicated area countable by square feet
  2. Container on-loading and off-loading
  3. Palletizing / Labelling / Packaging
  4. Supply of human resources

We provide adequate storage for any items and also delivery services throughout Peninsular Malaysia through our extensive and effective network to ensure that goods are safely secured and accounted for all times.

Our Special Equipment

Food & Beverage


Air Conditioners


Facility Management


Battery (DG Cargo)

And More

Why Choose Us?

We would like to emphasize our capabilities in the handling of valued added jobs such as all types of re-labeling, packing, re-drumming, re-bagging, palletizing, sorting or removals.

Our warehousing and logistics are set up to ensure efficiency so that you can concentrate on what matters most to your business, we handle your entire warehousing process, and your orders are picked, packed, and stored efficiently, From the moment your stock is delivered to our warehouse until your products make their way to the intended destination. We take care of everything for you.


If you would like to know any information about our shipping products, shipping tools, shipping resources, shipping services or to discuss how we can find a solution for your Malaysia shipping needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.